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Add on an essential oil to your massage

Ylang Ylang - Promotes relaxation, kills bacteria, lowers high blood pressure

Lavender - Reduces anxiety & emotioinal stress, helps with respiratory problems

Romsemary - Alleviates muscle pain, boosts circulatory system

Tea Tree - Effectively helps immune system & fights infection

Citrus Lemon - Increases mood and concentration & nourishes damages skin

Orange  - Helps absorb vitamin C, collegan production and high bloodflow which are great for anti-aging.

Relaxing Massage
15MIN - $40 / 30MIN - $75 / 60MIN - $125 / 90MIN - $165
The perfect elixir to revitalise the mind, body and soul. We recommend 60 minutes for a full body massage or 90 minutes to allow us to work more in depth. Try 30 minutes for an express, head, neck and shoulder massage.

Combined Relaxing and Remedial Massage
15MIN - $45 / 30MIN - $80 / 60MIN - $130 / 90MIN - $170
A therapeutic combination of relaxing and remedial.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage
15 MIN - $50 / 30MIN - $85 / 60MIN / $135
A nurturing timeout for pregnant women and new mothers. Using lots of pillows for comfort, the therapist will adapt the massage to suit each individual. We suggest treatments after the first trimester and recommend either 30 minutes, maximum 60 minutes.

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage
75 MIN - $160
This unique form of traditional massage uses a combination of hot stones with relaxing massage techniques to bring you a purely indulgent treat which will melt away all of your stresses and tension.


* Please note all guests purchasing Tangatours products must be travelling on the Tangalooma ferry or staying at the resort. (Adventure Moreton Island) Day guests using other transport services must obtain a Tangalooma Day pass (Tangalooma Free Day Pass - Book Here)

** Please inform us if pregnant. Must be over the first trimester in order to receive massage treatments.

*** We do not do shellac, acrylic or gel nails or removal.

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